• Aerial Silks and Fitness Classes
  •   Beginners welcome
  •  Morning, evening, and weekend classes
  • Certified instructor 
What are Aerial Silks?
As seen in Cirque du Soleil aerial silks is an incredible form of dance performed in the air. It has become a fitness craze when classes were made available in most large cities. Our aerial program is for all ages and levels. Starting at a basic level, we will help you build the strength and increase the flexibility to defy gravity and dance in the air.
The instructor, Nicole 'Niajae' Wallace is the Founder of Fuel Aerial and Dance in Columbia, SC where she taught aerial silks and ran the studio for five years before moving to FL. She has 13 fitness certifications including Yoga, AFFA group fitness instructor and NECCA aerial instructor.
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It's not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle!
Aerial training is physically demanding so the key to being successful and taking care of your body is getting the proper nutrients and hydration. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
We want to save you some time by providing you with answers to some of our most asked questions. 
Don’t hestitate to reach out with further questions.
Do I need any experience?
Absolutely not! We developed a curriculum that is not intimidating for beginners. You go at your own pace. So you can take your time and perfect each move and technique as you build your strength and increase flexibility. Students with exsisting strength and flexibility can excel as rapidly as their skill level will allow. 

Is there a weight limit?
No way! The equipment can hold thousands of pounds. 
What do I wear?
Aerial Silks- The attire should be a fitted shirt and legging style fitness pants. No flared yoga pants or shorts. No jewelry. You will be bare foot. 
Stretch- Comfortable fitness clothes, bare feet. 
Cardio Jam- Comfotable fitness clothes and sneakers.

Is it safe?
Safety is our number one priority. We start you at a very basic level from the ground. We do not allow you to do any tricks before you have the strength and technique to execute them safely. 
How do I sign up for class?
Click here to sign up. There is limited space so you are required to sign up in advance.

Is there an age limit?
We start teaching children at age 6. There is no age limit for adults. The oldest student the instructor has taught was 75 years old.
10040 18th St. N
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Located inside of Tim McCahan After School Sports
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